Thursday, August 31, 2006

Does it go bad?

Gatorade I mean. The reason I ask is I found a 51oz. canister of powder gatorade that was towards the back of my pantry and it is nearly all gone. However I have been making an effort to finish it off as I go on my rides. For some reason every time I take a drink it really does not have that true gatorade taste. It just seems "off", if that makes any sense. I have always mixed it a little on the weak side but it still seems like that is not the factor of its taste.

Regardless I need to go buy some more and probably just throw out the old stuff. Especially since I cannot recall how long it has been around. Ewwww.

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Anonymous said...

The mix does have an expirary date but does not go bad and is ok to drink, the main ingrediant is sugar thats a reason it does not go bad, it tastes off because it is a powder and not the real thing, and if your mixing it on the light side it wont taste normal, if you just found it i assume you havent had it in a while and you will notice with the new pack unless you mix it perfect it will not taste like the real thing and either a little watery or a little like powder...... hope this helps